Serving the Reading Community Since 1993.

Joseph Kelliher, Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed for 23 years, acupuncturist Joseph Kelliher has treated thousands of patients for chronic pain, cancers, infertility issues and more.

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2016 acupuncture center ma Welcome to the Acupuncture Center 

(Formally the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center of Reading)


Founded in 1993 by Joseph Kelliher, The Acupuncture Center of Reading is one of the oldest acupuncture practices in the region.


Acupuncture for Health and Healing

We also offer Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle counseling as tools to maximize your well-being. Massage services are also available.


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The Acupuncture Blog

Our health and wellness blog centered on all things acupuncture.

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