Corona Notice

I am currently scheduling sessions with an absolute commitment to safety. I received my second vaccination shot on 2/3/21. I am leaving a half hour between sessions in each treatment room to allow me to clean everything that has been touched with hospital grade disinfectant and air out the treatment room. I am using HEPA approved air purifiers in each room. There will be no waiting room facilities, so I ask people to call or text me when they arrive so I can let them know that the room is ready for them. I will be wearing a surgical mask and face shield, and I will ask people to wear a mask during the treatment. I will be taking everyone’s temperature when they arrive and ask some screening questions.

I’m sorry for these inconveniences, but I think it’s imperative to do everything possible to assure a safe healing experience for everyone I see. I hope you agree.

Call me to make an appointment at 781-942-1600. I look forward to seeing you!